We offer many programs in different formats. All are related to community-building and issues relevant to kids.

During the programs, kids will have opportunities to think about, discuss, and present on these issues. We emphasize that even as kids, they have important thoughts and ideas, and are able to contribute to their communities.


Introduction to Public Speaking

This workshop is geared towards kids in grades 4 to 6 who are quite nervous at the idea of speaking in front of their class, or without much experience in public speaking. The program introduces kids to the fundamentals of public speaking and communication, such as: body language, tone of voice, speaking on the spot, conversation skills and more. The introduction is a combination of education, individual and group activities, presentations - and of course, laughter and fun!

Young Speakers Clubs

Suitable for kids who have been through the introduction workshop and want to continue developing their skills, or who are have some level of comfort with public speaking. Young Speakers Club is a platform for kids in grades 4 to 6 to further their presentation and communication skills while learning to be more confident leaders. Run as a community meeting, each week the children learn about and discuss a different topic relating to creating happy, healthy, and sustainable communities.

Pro-D Days

Looking for something fun and practical for your kid to do on a professional development day? These one-day or half-day programs are an opportunity for kids to take part in fun games and activities that are geared towards improving their public speaking skills.  If you are interested in setting one up at your local school, please contact us.

Young Speakers Camps

We offer a variety of camps throughout school holidays, such as spring and summer break. The camps are half days or full days, and typically run for 4 to 5 days. While working on communication, these camps have a heavier focus on leadership and collaborating with other kids on group projects, and are geared towards grade 5 to 7 students.

We partner with municipalities, community centres, schools, and youth organizations to run programs and deliver projects of community benefit. For additional information on collaborating with Young Speakers to run a program, please contact us today.