About Young Speakers

Young Speakers is a social initiative empowering youth (8 to 18-year-old), to build the skills and confidence to communicate and connect.

We design interactive programs focused on social conversation, cross-cultural interaction, leadership communication, corporate exchange, and formal public speaking.

Young Speakers Programs

Connecting with Confidence

Connect with confidence is an introductory program targeted to our youngest members (8 to 11 years).

Youth learn how to engage socially and make friends; how to share ideas and get them heard; and how to overcome the fear of public speaking and present in a group.

Speak As A Leader

Speak as a leader is our leadership communication program targeted to advanced speakers (12-16 years).

Youth learn how to create scripts that resonate with the audience; how to use effective and inspiring language; how to adopt a strong and dynamic presence; and how to design powerful visual aids.

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